Thriving Reef

Increase First Nations participation in the future of the reef /

Empower understanding through design

Great Barrier Reef Foundation


To improve engagement and understanding of the projects symbolised. Design that speaks to Indigenous groups and tells a narrative of the project by the Traditional Owner Reef Protection Program.


The over arching design of the symbols is to reflect a thriving reef. This is reflected in the natural shape of coral bommies. The symbols connect together organically to work together to create a thriving reef.



Healthy water is reflected through the natural shape and flow of waterways, as well as the waves. The symbol reflects both the movements of the sea, as well as the shape of rivers and catchments. The dots represent the thriving quality of healthy water ways, and the life that runs through them.


The symbol represents the thriving ideals of
a restored reef, the growth in coral and sea life, and the growth from what it is now to the hopeful future (the 3 circles). The dots represent the thriving life that a restored and healthy reef brings. The symbol also subtly looks like a caring hand helping the reef to grow.


This symbol looks at the importance of sharing and storing knowledge for future generations. The symbol has two representations: the first being the literal idea of keeping track of life within the reef (the cycle of life); the second being knowledge from past, present and future working together to care for the reef. The dots represent the importance of the cycle.