Grow Together

Visually communicate the purpose of a plan /

Use key themes to connect with audience

Education Services Australia


A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a vital strategy document that outlines a framework for businesses or organisations to support national reconciliation while making their own workplaces more equitable and productive. Visually communicating individual plans is about drilling down into the themes and messages within the RAP.


Education Services Australia (ESA) has a strong focus on empowering education while growing and learning together. The theme of Grow Together organically emerged from the company’s values, visually represented by symbolism of unity, accessible information, and innovative education. Various shapes and colours represented these pathways and growth while keeping reconciliation at the core of everything ESA does.


The artwork represents the journey of growth, working together to co-create the future of education. By embedding culture in education and implementing reconciliation at the core of what ESA do; empower education, communities and future generations.