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Disproportionately high diabetes numbers /

Break down negative barriers to seeking treatment

Diabetes Australia
Diabetes Australia


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience much higher rates of diabetes than the rest of the population. An awareness campaign centred around a visual representation of the journey towards healthier communities was required to help break down traditional barriers for those most at risk.


Resilience comes through working together—it’s a quality our culture has been practicing for tens of thousands of years. It all starts with connecting and yarning. The more we share knowledge about diabetes, the brighter the future we create for the next generations. This story is visually represented in the brand, with detail depicting the journey through fear, awareness, connection and healthier communities.


By starting this journey together, we can move towards healthier communities for future generations and take control of our family’s health. By yarning and understanding diabetes together, we are strong and can get through this together.